Citizen of the Year Award

The Trustees of the Library sponsor an annual award for the Citizen of the Year, who is a person of any age who has made West Barnstable a better place through their inspiration, dedication, and community spirit. The award is based on nominations from the community, and is awarded at the annual West Barnstable Village Festival in August.  In 2015 the library board chose Lucille McCallum.


Born, raised and schooled in West Barnstable, Lucille (Brown) McCallum has spent most of her life in the village. She served as President of the West Barnstable Dig and Delve Garden Club for several terms and was involved in many of the civic accomplishments of the club. She was a founding member of The Friends of Whelden Library and has been a faithful long time member of the group for more than four decades, clocking in countless hours of baking, staffing, and organizing for their numerous events. She has been a true neighbor, helping others in need. For decades she has served her community quietly, giving of her time and talent in a supportive role. 


Past Winners:

2015-Lucille McCallum

2014- Diane Ross

2013- Bill Devine

2012 - Hank Farnham

2011 - Lenny Clark

2010 - Wolfgang Fattler


2009 - John P. Jenkins

2008 - Judith A. Desrochers

2007 - Lily C. Tu

2006 - Helmi Viliesis

2005 - Mary E. Burns

2004 - Kris Clark

2003 - Nancy Shoemaker


2002 - Susan Maki

2001 - Jim McCarthy

2000- Neil Atwood

1999 - Martin Wirtanen

1998 - Audrey Loughnane

1997 - Jim Jenkins

1996 - Bette Nilsson

1995 - Joanne Wallace